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Successful professional photographers around the world - from wedding to corporate - use Evlaa to optimize their post-production and create their client online galleries directly from Lightroom.

Evlaa is simply magical!

Benoit Legault - Canada

Since I downloaded the Evlaa app in conjunction with Lightroom, it's just magical! No more time wasted on selection with my clients. A simple button to publish the gallery and there you go! The client just needs to make their choices and voila! One click, and it's in my email box. Then, I synchronize the choices in Lightroom, and I'm ready for production. Thanks, guys, for simplifying my life, and at a low cost!

To save time!

Sébastien Chauchot - France

Evlaa is made to save time and simplify client relations. Evlaa is the ideal solution, and I use it every day to streamline communication with my clients. Simple, effective, fast—it doesn't do the same thing as others, and it does it well. The support is responsive and effective. I recommend it.

Great solution for making selections galleries for clients!

Avi Pryntz-Nadworny - USA

I've been using Evlaa for a few years now and it's been great! I've used it for clients to select images, and selling images. Love how simple it is to set up a gallery, get feedback from customer, and have it import into Lightroom!

The essentialist gallery for Lightroom

Joshua Rose - USA

I've been using Evlaa for years and it's never failed to work for me. There's fancier out there, but for me it's all over-complicating what needs to get done when working with clients. I shoot over 100 shoots a year, I need a link to send out and get selects quickly and seamlessly. If you need a hard-working gallery solution for clients to make selections with and you use Lightroom, this is a fantastic solution.

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